Language, Tools
Mammouth is a small language that compiles into PHP, inspired by CoffeeScript. It's compiled to PHP codes/files that you can run in your PHP server.
Just like CoffeeScript, Mammouth's main role is to simplify code writing by providing a simplified syntax that looks like the original code but it's much more easier and faster to write.
Music, Library
Zazate.js is music theory and notation package or module for Javascript, can be used by programmers, musicians, composers and researchers to make and investigate music. Zazate.js is integrated with a big numbers of functions related to find notes, chords and intervals.
After Build - Compiling & Compression Tool
Language, Tools, Application
After Build 2.0 is an application that allows to compress CSS and JavaScript and compile Less, CoffeeScript, Jade & PEG.js (Parser Generator for JavaScript).
Wamalaka is a softwares and computer technologies developer. Known for her free and open sources projects.
Wamalaka was founded in Mars 2009 by Wael Amine Boutglay at Tinejdad, in order to make Windows application that simpilfy development or other utilities, like:
  • Poesie 1.0
  • FilmMaker Screen Capture
  • WebPlex
  • SVG converter
  • Mammouth
  • Zazate.js